The unmanned and safe eVTOL aircraft Ride the Sky

Cruising speed

110 km/h

Flight time

30 min

Technology stage


Useful load

165 kg


1 - 1000m

Flight range

50 km

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What makes us different from others

Modern aircraft are developed for ways to increase the reliability of components. This causes the cost of vehicles increase.

Extremely safe VTOL

There're no dependent modules or systems. Decentralization of all modules. No mechanical parts (except bearings).

Outstanding fault tolerance

Even if the model loses 6 out of 22 motor units, it will still fly and remain under control.

Cost efficiency

Extremely low flight cost, $16 per hour.

Model & engine are patented

Two national patents registered. Two international patents and two pending.

2x Lower price

Than competitors. Due to the cluster approach, we use common components, 20 times cheaper than highly-priced aviation standard parts.

Decentralized architecture

Independent motor units contain a controller, an engine, and a power source.

Our prototype is already in operation

Our prototype shows itself perfectly in operation. We will show you the future.

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Our history of creating a model of the future

Project idea, sketches, renderings, filing for patents

2016 - 2018

Starting a project, getting the first investment, starting to build prototypes, testing hypotheses


COVID. Lab work more r&d, autopilot writing, frame calculation and design, research work

2020 - 2021

Start building a full-size prototype


ELAVIA f1 technical specifications

We achieve security through multiple redundancy (distributed architecture) and automation of the aircraft. This new approach allows us to obtain the highest reliability at a much lower price, creating a competitive advantage.

Seats: 2

Seats: 2

Payload: 165-300 kg

Payload: 165-300 kg

Full charge: 154 kW

Full charge: 154 kW

Dry weight: 294 kg

Dry weight: 294 kg


22 decentralized engines

Standard height:

0 to 500 meters

Maximum altitude:

up to 2000 meters

Dimensions, folded, WLH:

3.3 x 4.2 x 1.6 meters

Dimensions, decomposed, WLH:

5.4 x 4.2 x 1.6 meters


50 km (without load) / 20 km (with maximum load)

Maximum speed:

100-150 km/h

Flight time:

30 to 60 minutes

Power density:

7.27 kg / kW (in cruise mode)

Acceleration 0-100 km/h:

3 sec

Flight cost per hour:

~$16 (depends on local energy prices)

Power source:

LiIon 590 Ah battery or LiPo 440 Ah battery

Charging current limit:

86A per battery, 740A total

Minimal charging current:

6A at 220 AC or 15A at 110 AC

Horizontal flight:

by bending the wings

Our best Team

We are building a better future for you.
With our team, anything is possible.

Igor Lapin

Igor Lapin


Sergey Tovkach

Sergey Tovkach

ELAVIA CTO, Co-Founder

Anton Velmozhin

Anton Velmozhin

ELAVIA CFO, Co-Founder

Igor Chudakov

Igor Chudakov

ELAVIA R&D, Co-Founder

Alexander Volkov

Alexander Volkov

ELAVIA Co-Founder

Our blog

You can view our entire blog. We discuss in detail every measure we have taken and our objective.

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Our blog

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